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29/01/2008:The Royal Guitars Entertain Passengers

Around Christmas time at Billund Airport, we wish to please the passengers. Of course, we decorate some Christmas trees and insure an assortment of Christmas decorations are displayed; however, this year on top of everything, we wanted to add musical entertainment of the finest sort! To accomplish this, we made a contract with the Royal Guitars.

On an elevated podium in the check-in area, they played their instruments three Fridays in December. It was a busy time and lots of travelers flocked into the airport to board planes and escape the cold winter weather.

It was fun to see and hear what happened. The passengers did not expect to find such fine music at an airport. The two incredibly skilled guitarists were sitting under a gigantic Christmas tree playing wonderful music for the pleasure of busy people.

“So This Is Christmas,” John Lennon’s song, reverberated in the hall and filled the crowd with calmness and confidence. People listened intensely. “Silent Night, Holy Night” was given a whole new dimension while performed in this international environment where English passengers, returning to London after a business trip to Denmark, mingle with Danish families who are heading for the same city to do Christmas shopping. Three small children are dancing together with grandma to a Danish Christmas classic. A couple of Dutch pilots in no hurry, passed the time by listening and watching the activities. Plenty of time to call home from this warm, vibrant place. A group of working colleagues from the north of the country, on their way to a skiing holiday, is telling jokes while checking in their skiing equipment. No doubt it will be a GREAT holiday!

The boss must be complimented for this brilliant idea! A musical “bed warmer” in the luggage and smiles on the lips of travelers from many countries to accompany them to waiting airplanes. Now, with a message of peace for Christmas!

At Billund Airport, it is our opinion that the Royal Guitars performed on a very high professional level. In the near future, we hope to be able to invite these brilliant musicians back again.

Yours Sincerely,
Jørgen Krab Jørgensen
Airport Director

09/12/2007:Royal Guitars entertain in Billund Airport
Royal Guitars underholder i Billund Lufthavn On the 14th and the 21st of December Royal Guitars can be experienced playing live in Billund Airport, and they will doing their very best to reduce any travel and holiday stress in the audience.

08/06/2007:Two full titles from 'Candlelight'
Two titles from Royal Guitars' latest CD - Candlelight - has been made available in their entirety here at You can listen to the two beautiful compositions "Julia" and "Loveletters" from start to end by clicking on CD's in the top menu or by opening the "Royal Guitars Music Player" located at the top of the screen.

14/05/2007:Royal Incense and New York Mood in the Church of Jerlev (Denmark)

German guitarist Torsten Ratzkowski and his Danish colleague, Jan Thomsen, form the Royal Guitars. This duo performed a good humored and well-attended evening concert in the Church of Jerlev, Denmark, on the 8th of March 2007. Royalty was described in parts of the suite "Royal Rags." Ragtime was highlighted with musical quotation from the Marselleise ("Prince Henry's Rag") and Chinese Fifths ("Alexandra's Rag").

In addition to Ratzkowski and Thomsen performing the whole concert by themselves, they composed all the music as well! They write well and use their skills as composers in a very fine way! For example, their interpretation of "Prelude and Fuge" in the style of J.S. Bach. Hit qualities were demonstrated in the beautiful melancholy "Forever Gove," a kind of elegy, and in "Somewhere Above."

Undoubtedly, the audience much liked the beautiful melodies of the Royal Guitars. For me personally, I was thrilled by the social realism in the "Times Square Rhapsody." In this piece, everything nice was put aside in order to describe the tough street-life of New York City. The playing of the Royal Guitars uplifted my soul refreshingly well!

This was a concert where the audience applauded many times throughout the performance! The music of Ratzkowski and Thomsen indeed has a broad-spectrum! The tango suite, which formed the finishing part of the concert, was one more example of the variety of styles this duo performs in their concerts. It shows that they have an important musical message of their own to contribute to people of today!

10/03/2007:Royal Guitars of Denmark available online
From 10.03.2007 the Royal Guitars CD: "Royal Guitars of Denmark" is available online from following online shops in Denmark:

Other Royal Guitars albums will be avaiable here soon. It is still possible to purchase Royal Guitars CD´s from this website.

27/08/2006:New Website
Royal Guitars, in collaboration with Ulrik Nicolaisen, have redesigned and, in the process, have added a number of new features. The website now offers free MP3 musical samples, an online CD Shop, free streaming video recordings, free partitures, free editable concert programmes and much more.

26/08/2006:New Album in the making
Royal Guitars are preparing to release a new album exclusively with works of their own in “soft-Classic”/ “Candlelight Style”. "Candlelight" can be pruchased from april 2007.

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