Royal Guitars consists of guitarists Torsten Ratzkowski and Jan Thomsen. They have composed and arranged music in many musical styles. The music has been published by several European Music Publishing Houses. Are you ready to play it yourself?

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Free Partiture Samples

Royal Guitars has written character pieces describing the personality of members of the Danish Royal Family. The pieces form the collection called Royal Danish Rags. Some of these have been made available as PDF files for free downloading (remember to give credit to the composer if the pieces are publicly performed).
"Alexandra's Rag"

Alexandra's Rag

(Ratzkowski / Thomsen)
"Crownprince Frederik´s  Rag"

Crownprince Frederik´s Rag

(Ratzkowski / Thomsen)
"Prince Henry´s Rag"

Prince Henry´s Rag

(Ratzkowski / Thomsen)
"Prince Joachim´s Rag"

Prince Joachim´s Rag

(Ratzkowski / Thomsen)
"Queen Margreth´s Tango (a Rag)"

Queen Margreth´s Tango (a Rag)

(Ratzkowski / Thomsen)
Published Music:

... You will always be welcome here at Schackenburg Castle ...

The Royal Highnesses Prince Joachim and Princess Alexandra, 1997.