One of the finest and most important achievements of the Royal Guitars is their contribution to the extension of the repertoire for two guitars.

They have succeeded in doing so by, at all times, being open-minded and interested in new ways of expressing themselves as musicians. They have:

  • sought and found forgotten, valuable original works for two guitars at the Royal Library in Copenhagen,
  • asked important composers to write works for them,
  • composed a large number of works in different musical styles themselves, and
  • created important contacts within the Latin American and Ragtime music scene.
All of this work is clearly reflected in the repertoire list, where standard works intermingle with exciting creative music; which, to a great extent, is performed ONLY by the Royal Guitars.
Anon. O SantissimaGCH
Santa LuciaGCH
Medly: Fröhliche Weihnacht ÜberallGCH
The Holy and the ivyGCH
Deck the HallsGCH
As I sat on a sunny BankGCH
En rose så jeg skyde
Bach, J.S. (1685 - 1750)Vom Himmel hochGCH
Englische Suite Nr. 3
Beethoven, Ludwig van (1770 - 1827)Théme Variée et Rondo Op. 26
Berlin, Irvin (1888 - 1989)White ChristmasGCH
Borodin, A. (1833 - 1887)ReverieRFA
Botsford, George (1874 - 1949)Black and white RagRAG
Buxtehude, Dietrich (1637 - 1707)Suite für Cembalo, D-MollRGD
Choralphantasie: Wie Schön Leuchtet der Morgenstern
Suite Nr. 2 in D-Moll
Carulli, Fernando (1770 - 1841)Andante varié et RondeauSCH
Nocturne Op. 90/2
Largo & Rondo Op. 66/6
Chauvin, Louis (1881 - 1908)Heliothrope Bouquet
Coste, Napoleon (1806 - 1883)Scherzo et Pastorale Op.10SCH
Dowland, John (1562 - 1623)The King of Denmark´s GalliardRGD
My Lord Willoughby´s Welcome Home
My Lord Chamberlain his Galliard
Ellington, Duke (1899 - 1974)Sophisticated Lady
Gade, Jacob (1879 - 1963)Tango Jalousie
Gottschalk, Louis M. (1829 - 1869) The Banjo - Grotesque Fantasie
Granados, Enrique (1867 - 1917) Valses PoéticosCDA
Gravelle, Buzz (1958 - )Six Little Pieces
Gruber, Franz (1787 - 1863)Silent NightGCH
Haydn, Joseph (1732 - 1809)Ballo TedescoSCH
Horetzky, Felix (1796 - 1870) Polonaise National Op. 1CDA
Johnson, John (1583 - 1633)The Flat Pavane
The Galliard to the Flat Pavan
Joplin, Scott (1868 - 1917)The NonpareilRAG
The Entertainer RAG
The SycamoreRAG
When your hair is like the snowRAG
Joplin, Scott / Chauvin, Louis Heliothrope BouquetRAG
Joplin, Scott / Hayden, Scott Something doingRAG
Felicity Rag RAG
Lampe, Jens Bodewalt (1859 - 1929)Creole BellesRGD
Dixie GirlRGD
Lawes, William (1602 - 1645)Suite for two guitars
Lenzberg, Julius (1878 - 1956)Haunting RagRAG
Lorentz, Johann (1610 - 1689) Suite in E-MollRGD
Lumbye, Hans Christian (1810 - 1870)Bouquet RoyalRGD
Polka Mazurka - VelkommenRFA
Maegaard, Jan (1930 - )Pierrot in the Ballroom
Maria, Tomas Santa (~ 1550)Clausulas y Fantasias
Mertz, Johann K. (1806 - 1856)Vespergang
Nänien Trauerlieder. 1. Am Grabe der Geliebten...
Nänien Trauerlieder. 2. Ich denke Dein.
Mozart, Wolfgang A. (1756 - 1791)Eine kleine Nachtmusik
Nava, Antonio Maria (1775 - 1825)DivertissementsSCH
Nazareth, Ernesto (1863 - 1934) Tangos Brasileiros
Nielsen, H. Thisted TappenstregRGD
Nørgaard, Flemming (1939 - ) Animatino
Oberleitner, Andreas (1786 - )Steyer´sche Ländler Op. 21CDA
Oliva, Julio César (1947 - )Suite Montebello
Pachelbel, Johann (1653 - 1706)Suite Nr. 4 D-Dur
Padowetz, Ivan (1800 - 1873) Grand Rondeau Op. 10
Pettoletti, Pietro (~ 1860)Divertissement Op. 11
Piccinni, N. de Fossa (1728 - 1800)Ouverture de l´opera DIDON
Pierpont, J.S. (1822 - 1893)Jingle BellsGCH
Ponce, Manuel (1882 - 1948)EstrellitaRFA
Ratzkowski, Torsten (1954 - )Church RagRAG
Sunday morning RagRAG
Glidin´ feet RagRFA
Wreck RagRFA
Medico y pastoreRFA
A summer song
You and I and Candlelight
Preludium & Fuga
Ratzkowski, Torsten / Thomsen, Jan Tango Margrethe (a rag time)RGD
Prins Henrik´s RagRGD
Dronning Ingrid´s RagRGD
Kronprins Frederik´s RagRGD
Prins Joachim´s RagRGD
Alexandra´s RagRGD
Lille PrinsRGD
Fifty per CentRAG
Toast, Butter and Jam CDA
Times Square Rhapsody: Breakfast ViewSCH
Times Square Rhapsody: Boo-boo feverSCH
Times Square Rhapsody: Plastic YellowSCH
Tango – Suite
Riisager, Knud Aage (1897 - 1974)En glad trompet og andre småstykkerRGD
Royal Guitars Ballade pour toiCAN
Vals lentoCAN
Girl of GardaCAN
Forever GoneCAN
Dreams beyond the IvyCAN
Afternoon in the Butterfly-ValleyCAN
Give me your heartCAN
Somewhere aboveCAN
Last NightCAN
Salaverri, Sebastian de Iradier y (1809 - 1865)Habanera
Saumell, Manuel (1817 - 1870)La virtuosaRFA
La nina bonitaRFA
La nenéRFA
Ayes del AlmaRFA
El somaténRFA
El Jigote de TrinitaRFA
Scott, James Sylvester (1886 - 1938)The FascinatorRAG
Smart, Henry (1813 - 1879)Angels from the realms of gloryGCH
Smetana, Betrich (1824 - 1884)Die UnschuldRFA
Sor, Fernando (1778 - 1838)Souvenir de Russie CDA
Stolaczyk, Willy (1945 - )Tangolandskab
Stravinski, Igor (1882 - 1971)March, Waltz, PolkaSCH
Telemann, G. Ph. (1681 - 1767) Allemande – Courante - Gigue
Thomsen, Jan (1958 - )Happy hour RagRAG
Street RagRAG
Alexandra´s RagRAG
Love letters
Afternoon in the butterfly valley
The last night
Vivaldi, Antonio (1678 - 1741)Andante in E.Minor
Wade, John Francis (1711 - 1786)O come all ye faithfullGCH
Wagner, Richard (1813 - 1883)Entry of the Guests from “Tannhäuser”CDA
Weber, Henri Cute ´n´cunnin´RFA
Venecian love songRFA
Dance of the marionettesRFA
March humoresqueRFA
Yates, Peter (1953 - )Snack Music

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The Royal Highnesses Prince Joachim and Princess Alexandra, 1997.